Informational: For my informational piece I wrote about teaching students to write fantasy and the ways that it can allow the students to use their imagination while still expanding their thinking process and their learning. I think that fantasy allows the students to transport themselves into their stories and gives them the ability to create a completely unique piece about anything they chose. This is important for students, especially at a young age because the students need this type of expression in order to develop their creative skills. I really enjoyed writing this piece because I am extremely passionate about allowing students to express themselves in different and unconventional ways.

Narrative: Writing a sample fantasy piece was potentially one of the most difficult tasks I had this class. I find that I have a lot of trouble coming up with creative and fictional stories. While my piece is short and something of a prequel I was still very proud when I finished it. It took me a while to get started and to figure out where I was going with it but once I began it did not take long to finish. I feel that this was an extremely beneficial experience because there are so many kids that have this same problem and I feel that I now have a better perspective on how to help them.