Part 1: I have always really admired John Lennon and his outlook on life. I feel that he has inspired me to be the person that I am today and to have the respect and empathy that I have for all living beings. I think it’s important to realize that he did more than just create music and his life is one that should be looked at when looking for some level of peace or hope in the world.


Part 2: I chose Susan B. Anthony because although I already knew a lot about her I feel that there is always more to learn. She worked very hard to bring women more rights in the United States. She allowed a conversation about women’s right to their bodies, as well as their right to vote, to be seriously considered. She worked throughout her entire life to make sure that women were giving the care they deserved and were allowed to make their own decisions about their lives. She, along with others, developed some of the first birth control in the country and was arrested fighting for her right to vote. Although the things she did were much more influential and powerful than what I try to do in my life I feel that any progress is some progress. I work to educate people in my life and people that I come in contact with about the progress women around the world have made for us and the continued work that is and needs to be put in.