Part 1: I had to write this for my essay anyway so I just transferred it over.

It was a cold, rainy night, Leila was driving home from school when her car broke down. She knew she had just seen a sign for a small town nearby and would have to walk to find a gas station. When she arrived to the town things seemed a little strange. There was no one around or out on the streets even though it was not even 8 o’clock yet. All of the lights in the stores, restaurants and houses seemed to be out. “Where could everyone be?” Leila wondered, “I hope this town isn’t deserted”. Just then she heard bells ringing. Ding…. Ding…. Ding… It was 8 o’clock. All of the lights came on and people began coming from everywhere, meeting in the streets, going for food, just walking around. “How strange” Leila said to herself. She stopped someone to ask where to get gas. “Excuse me sir, my car broke down about a mile away. Is there somewhere around here that I can get gas?” The man seemed shocked, as though he didn’t speak the same language. She was just about to walk away when he stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t get a lot of outsiders here. I can take you to the gas station, it’s right up the street. I’m Max by the way.” “Leila”. As they were walking down the street she noticed people were stopping to stare at her as they walked. She knew Max had said they did not get a lot of visitors but how did everyone know she was so different. After a while Max noticed it too. He turned to her, “This town is a little different than most. We all know each other very well so when there’s someone new around… it’s just different.” “Well what’s so different about it?” asked Leila. “It’s just… small that’s all.” Leila thought this was a little off. He must be leaving something out for everyone to be acting this weird just because someone they don’t know is here. Max and Leila arrived at the gas station but it was closed. “I’m really sorry” said Max, “They are usually open by now.” Leila sighed, “That’s okay, I’ll just go stay in my car til tomorrow and hopefully I can get a tow truck out here.” She began walking back to the road she left her car on when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It looked like a purple light coming from one of the people on the green. She turned to look but just as she was about to turn around, Max came and stood right in front of her. “Wait!” he said, “There’s a place you can stay here but you have to stay inside. There are some town activities here tonight and they don’t allow outsiders in them”. “I don’t want to stay in a town where I’m not welcome” said Leila. “No it isn’t that. It’s just a private meeting. They talk about a lot of… personal things there and they don’t want people that aren’t from here to hear.” “Okay I guess, but only if you tell me one thing.” “I’ll try my best…” he said. “What are they doing over there?” She pointed to where she had seen the purple light coming from. She noticed that there seemed to be teams of five lined up in all corners of the green. They were all staring over at her like she had interrupted what they were doing. “Uh, they’re…” He had to think of a way to word it as to not make her suspicious. “They’re getting ready to play a game. We play it before every town meeting.” “Oh… what kind of game?” she asked. “You know we should really get you somewhere warm. Your clothes are all wet and it’s getting late, I’m sure you’re tired.” he said as he started walking toward an older, dark looking house across the way.

When they arrived at the house Leila noticed something was different. There were no lights on inside and no people around. Max hesitated before opening the door. There were books lining  the walls and it was darker inside than it seemed from the outside. He set her up in a room upstairs, “Please let me know if you need anything, here’s my phone number just call and I’ll come back.” as he was leaving he turned back to her, “One more thing, please don’t leave this room. Like I said before it’s a very small town and these meetings are quite private.” She agreed. After he left she heard someone else out in the hall. She went to the door to listen but they were talking very quietly. “We cannot allow this” she heard one of the voices say, “We haven’t had a problem like this in years. He knows what this could do to us. There’s a reason we stay in this town and don’t let others in.” Leila decided she’d heard enough. She ran to the window but she couldn’t see anything. It was if everyone had disappeared. “Were they talking about me? Why is a visitor such a problem for everyone?” she wondered. Once she heard the voices leave she opened the door. She checked the hallway and looked over the railing of the stairs to see if anyone was around. Once she knew the coast was clear she went down stairs to where she had seen all of the books, hoping that maybe they could give her some of the answers she needed. She grabbed the first book she saw and it was like a shock ran through her.

“Uhhh, what happened?” Leila said to Max who was now standing over her. “I asked you to stay in the room! You left the room! You weren’t supposed to touch anything! Why would you leave the room!” Max was panicking. Leila did not understand why this was such a big deal. “What is going on? It’s just one book. And why did it shock me when I picked it up?” He turned to her and sighed. He went over to where she had dropped the book after she was shocked and handed it to her. This time when she touched it it didn’t shock her. She read the title, Witchcraft in All Forms. “Oh no” she said quietly under her breath. She had heard stories before about witches and magic but never thought it was real. She could see out the door now and she saw more of that same purple light except now there was green and red and blue and many more colors and now she could see where they were coming from. They were coming from the people on the green and whenever they hit something, or someone, they would change. They would float, or change shape, or turn into an animal. “This can’t be real” she thought to herself. But it was. And because she grabbed that book she would now be more involved with magic than she could have ever imagined. “You’re one of us now” said Max, “Get some rest, your training will begin tomorrow.”


Part 2:

When I was in middle school I read all of the Twilight books and loved them. I loved that they made you feel like you wanted to be in that world and like you wanted to know what the characters were thinking and feeling. These kids of a fantasy books get you into the book and make you want to know what it would be like to be in this type of world. They also give you more than just the basic fiction because there are powers and magic and all kinds of fantasy that allow you to get away from reality for a while. By creating characters that are unlike anything we have it allows for more imagination to be added. I also wrote my essay on how to teach fantasy writing/reading.