I feel that teaching myths in the classroom can be very beneficial to students. I think it is important to talk to students about what myths are and how they differ from reality. It can be inappropriate to read and discuss creationism myths but again if the differentiation is made, depending on grade level, it can still be appropriate. However there are many different myths that can be taught in classes without ever touching on myths that may offend students and their beliefs. I do not think that all myths need to stem into religion and they should not. In public schools there are students with many different belief systems and it is never acceptable for any curriculum to cross that boundary for the students. Their religion and beliefs are up to them and their families and it is important that we do not develop lessons that will make them question what they believe in. It is most important for us, as teachers, though to make sure that our students get a rounded education and myths should be a part of that in literature. It is a different and extremely enjoyable form of literature. I did not begin learning about myths until I was in high school and once I began I continued to read them. The way they are written can sometimes be hard to understand but the stories in them have a lot of real life connections while also still being entertaining and educational.