I always found that the Tortoise and the Hare was a really important fable for me as a child. It shows children that it is not important how long it takes you to get something done but rather more important that you get it done. This is essential for students to understand because, especially at young ages, students tend to believe that the first person to get their work done is the best or the smartest and this is not true. Many students need extra time to get work done and that is more than okay. It takes everyone different amounts of time to complete a task because all students are different. It is important thats students understand this and understand that this applies to all aspects of their lives. No matter what they are doing, in or out of school, it is important to take your time and get it done well. This can also lead into a conversation about quality over quantity. This allows the students to understand that in the same way that it is not about how fast you get your work done it also is not always quantity. If you are writing a paper it is not necessarily about how many pages you write but more about what is in those pages that counts. This is important for the students because it also applies to many other parts of their lives. Tortoise and the Hare can teach the students about a new outlook on schooling but also on their life.