Poetry is a genre that is often left out of curriculum because teachers think that it will be to hard to teach students. However, although it can be more difficult to teach than other forms of writing, it also allows the students to express themselves in new and creative ways. The students are able to think or metaphors and similes that they may have not gotten to experience without poetry. In the article A Foolproof Formula for Teaching Poetry, Linaberger talks about a student that was having trouble reading and writing. The student began with very literal poetry but as the year progressed and the student read more poems he began to develop a better writing style and separating his poems by using different stanza styles and repeating words that he wanted to emphasize. At the end of the class the student was very proud of himself for seeing the progress in his work. I think that it is important for students to be able to take a concrete idea, such as a holiday in this case, and transform it into something that barely resembles that original idea but still represents it will. By teaching students to write poetry in this way, we allow them to represent themselves however they see fit through wording, structure, length, and much more. Poetry gives students another outlet to express themselves without directly stating how they feel or what they want to say if they choose to.