StoryScape seems like an extremely useful app in helping students with the phonics skills but also to be used as a writers workshop. To use the app to reinforce or teach phonics skills the teacher would create a story that would practice that skill such as vowel diphthongs and digraphs, consonant blends, magic e, etc. The story should contain as many of these as possible so that the students have exposure to it. While reading the story the teacher would pause on these words and discuss them with the students. This helps reinforce the skills for the students and gives them room for discussion. By showing the students many words that follow the same phonics rules and patterns the teacher is allowing the students to grow as readers.

This app can also be used as a writers workshop for the students. The teacher can have the students use this app to create their own stories and embrace their creativity because they can create their own characters and background along with writing the story themselves. I think that this app could be extremely useful for teachers especially with students in younger grades because working with technology is incredibly important especially for the next generation of students.