Mini-Lesson: Writers workshop for 2nd Grade on how to begin a story.

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Objective: Students will be able to write interesting and attention-grabbing introduction sentences to a story.

Modeling: 5 minutes

Begin by writing dull introduction sentences on the board ie “One time I went to the park with my dog and we saw a duck.” Talk to the students about if they would want to read a book that started this way and how we could make this sentence more interesting.

Active Engagement: Ask for student suggestions changing this sentence and give them the opportunity to come up and write their own version ie “On a hot, sunny, summer day I was walking through the park near the pond with my dog and we heard a noise, “Quack Quack”. It was a duck!

Independent Work: Each student will create their own introductory sentence for their own stories, which they will be able to continue working on at another time.

Differentiation: For students that have trouble writing, I will sit with them as a group during independent time and have them assist each other and confer with me to allow them the time and help they need to produce a proficient piece.