I really enjoyed the poetry readers workshop video. I thought that the teachers did a really good job of giving the students enough time to figure things out on their own before she said too much. For example, she asked the students for examples of sensory details in the first poem they read and allowed them to work independently to find them but then also gave them time to turn and talk. Even when the students were sharing their answers with her she waited until all of the students that volunteered had given their answers before prompting them to look for more. I think that this is important in readers workshop or in mini lessons because if the teacher gives away too much then the students will not fully understand what is being asked.

However, I think that the lesson could have been improved if she had worked with the students to come up with the things that they thought they should look for in the poems. I understand that she had specific thins in mind but I think that the students would have benefitted from a conversation about the different things that you should or can look for when reading a poem and why they are important. This would allow the students to reflect on the many different components that can be hidden in poetry, instead of just the few she named.