For my book discussion I worked with Nicolle Gargano, Shaina Birch, and Taylor Oleksiak. We read Allison by Allen Say and Corretta Scott by Ntozake.

The first book we read was Allison. I found this book to be extremely  interesting and I think that it would benefit a lot of students especially if there is an adopted student in the class, but only if they are asking questions about the differences in their situations with other students. It is important to make sure with the student that they want this kind of attention and that they think that it will benefit them as well. In the book Allison notices the differences in appearance between her and her parents early on. She asks the why her and her doll, Mei Mei, look different and learns that they are from another country. She was disappointed to find out that she was not only different in looks but also in heritage. However, by the end of the book the family allows her to adopt a kitten that she seems to relate to because “he doesn’t have a mom and dad either”. I thought that this ending to the book was perfect because it helps children to understand that there are things that can be done to comfort themselves and their friends who are having a hard time with their situation. However, I also wish that they had adding something to show the students or children who are adopted that they do have a mom and dad. Even if it is not biological, having parents who love you is what matters not the biological connection.


The second book we read was Corretta Scott. This book was about Corretta Scots life from childhood. I feel that it’s very important to read books like this to students because history classes often leave out the struggles and the hardships that people of color had to go through during these times. Showing students that you are not afraid to talk about the hard things in life shows them that they should not be afraid to open up and talk about things that confuse them or scare them in your classroom. It is important to get the students to open up about social issues because it gives you, as a teacher, the opportunity to educate them and help them to understand the situations they may find themselves or others they know in.