In many of my other classes there are in depth conversations about the ways to include children’s cultures in the classroom. It is essential to student learning that they feel comfortable and safe in their environment. In order for this to happen, teachers must understand the differences in the students cultures and be prepared for cultural differences that may be uncomfortable at first. If a teacher is trying to get all students to act and think the same they are not only hindering their individuality but also severely damaging their self image. Culture is what allows people to make connections to their family, their country of origin, their neighborhoods, and many other things. It is important that children are allowed to express aspects of their culture in the classroom and to feel that it is accepted and appreciated.

I find that the toughest question raised is how to accommodate to all the different culture that will be a part of my classroom? It is difficult to consider how to make sure that I understand all of the students backgrounds in order to allow them to feel most comfortable. It is definitely something that I would like to work on to make sure that I can avoid making mistakes with students that would cause them to feel they were being suppressed or changed in any way.