In the article How Common Core’s Recommended Books Fail Children of Color by Valeria Strauss, she discusses the problem the common core having mostly books that feature white families or white children. Strauss stated that she tried to have the recommended book list amended but was unsuccessful in doing so and is still hoping to see some change soon. It is important for students of color to see people in books that are similar to them and allow them to feel pride and a sense of identity when they are reading.  If students of color only see white people it books it makes them feel that they are not important or challenges their ability to relate to the stories because they cannot relate to the people in the books. Strauss talked about one girl who read a book about a child from Afghanistan, which was where she was also from, and felt a new connection and love for reading. The girl asked the teacher to help her find more books that were similar so that she could continue reading. This is important because now that students feels empowered and connected to literature which I believe is the best we can ask for in students and literature.

It is important to incorporate all kins of literature in the classroom to allow all students to make connections. When students of color read books with people of color it allows them to visualize themselves in the positions of these characters. Strauss stalks about the students seeing people of color as doctors and lawyers in these books which gives these students more of an opportunity to see themselves doing these same things. I think it’s extremely important that teachers have diverse libraries in their classrooms that will meet the needs of all their students.